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Introducing NEO Shinjuku Atsushi's recommended menu.

Fresh fruits are enclosed in a drink bag along with carbonation infused with carbon dioxide

right in the store. Please note that the availability of fruits is limited to a certain period.

The current season features


"This product is a vodka-based sour, but it can also be enjoyed without alcohol."


Have you heard about DEKOPON? The Dekopon, a Japanese specialty, is a luxurious fruit that embodies the warm climate of Japan and the meticulous efforts of its agriculture, offering a unique sweetness and flavor. The name "Dekopon" has Chinese origins, where "Pon" is a general term for citrus fruits. On the other hand, "Deko" comes from the English word "Decoration," referring to the thin and beautiful peel of the Dekopon. In other words, "Dekopon" belongs to the Ponkan family, and the term "Decoration" was added to express its beautiful appearance.


"Experience the unparalleled freshness of live carbonation, like nothing you've ever tasted before."

Exclusive Carbonation by NEO Shinjuku Atsushi

"At our establishment, we use carbonated soda infused with carbon dioxide for all our beverages. The freshly carbonated drinks enhance the flavor with a strength like none other experienced before. You can witness the process of injecting carbon dioxide into water chilled to nearly 0 degrees through a dedicated machine right on the counter."

"Menu Featuring Carbonation"

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